student ministries team


Tom Neary

Student Ministries Pastor & Junior High Director

Born a baby in the hills of Bristol. Young Tom was a mountain boy with a big city dream. Climbing trees and building forts taught this boy many lessons about gravity and the importance of preparing for the task with the proper equipment. The school years were a challenge for Tom as he experienced everything from a small Christian School to Home School and even Public School. As a boy, young Tom met Jesus and knew clearly that God had a placed deep purpose in his life to bring people to know Him. 
Currently, Pastor Tom spends his time chasing his four children with his wife and working out at the gym to combat his strong affection for Paula's Donuts. Falling more in love with God and People as time has accumulated, Pastor Tom started here at the church in Fall of 2010.

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Brittany Hark

Senior High Director

Brittany grew up on a 4 generation dairy farm in the small town of Nunda, NY. While in high school she spent her time shoveling cow poo, being a part of school musicals, playing volleyball, participating in track and field, and scooping frozen dairy treats at an ice cream stand. After graduating high school she became a student at Houghton College where she enjoyed being a part of the campus activities board, gospel choir, residence life staff, and summer ministry team. While a college student she served as the youth pastor intern at both Orchard Park Wesleyan Church and Houghton Wesleyan Church. During this time she felt called to full time ministry, which ultimately led her to the Wesleyan Church of Hamburg where she now enjoys leading high school students at the Hub. 

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Callie Maloney

Administrative Assistant

Once Upon A Time… in a land far far away, there was a girl, named Callie, who went to Orchard Park High School.  She listened to music from N*SYNC and Backstreet Boys, her favorite candy was Airheads and her favorite TV show was Dawson’s Creek.  When she wasn’t cheerleading or dancing, she was attending youth ministry at The Wesleyan Church of Hamburg….WAAAAY back before the HUB was built.  Fast forward 20 years, and the girl is all grown up and has a family of her own, a husband and two crazy, fun little boys, two black and white dogs and a neighbor’s cat that thinks it lives with them.  She is the Student Ministry Assistant at WCH and loves helping kids and families in the community.  Sometimes, if you sneak up on her, you can catch her still singing an N*SYNC song or two ;).

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Tim & Emily Park

South Creek Youth Leaders